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Tales of Moran Preview


Here is a short preview, for those of you waiting for A Sincere Attempt at Writing Tales of Moran to be published. Hope you enjoy it!


Why not write about Moran? Really, the question should have been, why haven’t I written about it before now? What some consider the most prestigious place to live in the whole of our little world just happens to be the place where I have spent the past forty-two and a half years (forty-two and a third, if you discount visits to estranged family members). People tell tales of the times when they stepped foot on its beautifully paved streets, meandering about the town center, their eyes caught by beautiful sculptures and delicate silver jewellery. They praise even the small street vendors selling warm, spiced wine in the winters and refreshing juices in the summer.

Indeed, why not write about Moran? Simple – I hate it. Read the rest of this entry »


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