Find my CV here, and read about some of my projects below.

Dialogue: A Writer’s Story

Dialogue follows Lucille, a writer working on her second novel, and is a game made up entirely of conversations, each of which has different mechanics. I was the main writer DialogueLogoSmallfor Tea-Powered Games, and created the whole script, as well as writing character
biographies and excerpts from Lucille’s novel which can be found in-game, and most of the menu and tutorial text. Since the conversations played out mechanically, I worked with the designer to create fluid, interesting conversation systems, rather than just adding words to a pre-existing system.

In addition, I created the entire User Interface imagery, as well as creating additional art assets for tutorials, all the exploration conversations, sketches for novel excerpts and the organiser and extra scenes menus.

Click here to find out in more detail how conversations in Dialogue were structured, or find it on Steam and Itch.




A Sincere Attempt at Writing Tales of Moran

Dorian Stanhope, self-proclaimed author extraordinaire, grows bored of his best-sellers and decides to put together his next book without writing any of it himself. However, the prosperous city of Moran is populated by people so boring to him that he can barely deign to speak to them, let alone request their writing. In a stroke of blind luck, he stumbles upon his first contributor, Evelyn, who steers not only the trajectory of Tales of Moran, but also Dorian himself.

Tales of Moran was my first published work, a humorous novella that is available through Amazon US and UK.




Elemental Flow

Tea-Powered Games’ second project is in its early ElementalFlowLogoSmallstages. Explore a modern optimistic world, where technology has developed to coexist with nature and society has evolved in a cooperative direction. Players embody a main character who wrestles with the question, ‘In a world where you don’t have to do anything, how do you figure out what you want to do?’ As a role-playing game where combat is replaced by conversation encounters, Elemental Flow is at times humorous, but at time serious, as it deals with discussion topics that are relevant in our modern society.



The Dream Self

‘I want to get to know you’.

It’s just another year of your normal London life – work, eat, sleep. However, in your dreams you keep meeting a translucent stranger, a person cloaked in clouds. Who are they, and how do they know so much about you? The way you approach your everyday life will change how your dreams unfold.

The Dream Self was my entry to the IFComp 2017, and can be found on Itch.



Nightwards, Heartwards


Nightwards, Heartwards is a short game made for Ludum Dare 38, by three people in three days. In N, H, the player explores their inner self, but rather than traversing through the cardinal directions, players travel

Heartwards or Mindwards, Nightwards or Daywards, representing certain states of mind. Along the way, players encounter other facets of themselves, and fulfil tasks as esoteric as ‘finding where intuition rests’ or as literal as ‘get a job’.

All of us were in charge of the game design, working together to create a fluid mindscape. I was also in charge of editing the writing (by Victor Ojuel) and creating all of the visuals. The art was meant to bring to mind a solitary but rich journey, with symbolic traversal of the self being calm, but somewhat goal-oriented. Nightwards, Heartwards can be downloaded for free.



Other Short Games on

I have released a number of other small (15min-2 hour), free games on my page. These have been a chance to work with different engines, as well as create smaller projects and go through the release process. These have all been created entirely by me, unless noted.

In Death by Dream, the player follows Claire’s ItchGamesjourney from her teenage years to adulthood, as the line between her dreams and reality begin to blur (made with RPG Maker).

Choose your own Fantasy – Transparent Choice Edition is a comical gamebook-like experience where the player is told whether each choice will give them a good or bad outcome, as a parody of the often random-seeming repercussion of choices in games (made with Twine).

The Broad Strokes Cooking Game prompts the player to make a dish quickly! Instructions appear at the bottom of the screen as the player chops, moves and stirs ingredients to make dinner, and receive a good score to impress their parents of friends (made with Gamemaker).

Felidae Phylogenetic Tree is a relaxed exploration of the feline evolutionary tree. Each species is represented as a berry, and the player’s butterfly flies between them, learning facts about cat species and how they’re related (made with Unity, with scripting help from Tea-Powered Games).


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