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Bite-sized Thought – Hylics

Nothing mixes pleasant, pensive and peculiar like Hylics’ music.


Quick​ ​Summary

Hylics is ‘a recreational program with light JRPG elements’. You assemble a party that levels up and has skills, you walk around town, explore the world using your boat or airship … But it’s weird. Why is it all claymation? Why does your face melt off when you lose? Why do spells involve weird pointillated hands making gestures? Read the rest of this entry »

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Bite-sized Thought – Academagia

If you look behind the numbers, Academagia has lots of story snippets waiting to be told.


Quick Summary

Academagia is a time management role-playing game where you choose what to do with your days (study, practise, explore the city, spend time with friends…) then see how it turns out. In Academagia, you play through your first magical school year, aiming to pass your mid-terms, then your final exams.


What’s interesting about Academagia?

Let me tell you what isn’t – sitting in the Great Hall studying all semester. I was lying when I said your aim is to pass your exams, that’s just what I thought at first. The real goal is to let yourself get carried off into adventure. It’s a bit like Dungeons and Dragons in that sense – if you’re being sensible, risk-averse and not willing to go beyond your comfort zone, you’re probably not going to have as much of a fun time. If you do buy into it, there are a lot of characters to get to know, interesting story threads and a handful of ways to progress in every situation.


Corinne, the studious mathsy witch. Of course she’s going to all her classes, why wouldn’t she?


My Play

With sixty other students, a dozen teachers, many different classes, spells and locations, I was overwhelmed and intimidated when I started playing (the busy screen didn’t help). All I could do was study, take the path of lowest risk during events, and lament how yet again my calligraphy and geometry weren’t useful in most magical dilemmas.

After I passed my mid-terms and things didn’t suddenly become exciting, I realised I wasn’t really playing the game, and I needed to change that. Corrine traded in some of her good rapport with teachers for extra lessons, so she could spend less time studying and more hanging out with Rixenda the food artist and Philip the perfectionist, who then agreed to join her clique. She became friends with the captain of the guard as they went around town together hunting rogue mages (she had a thing for him, but kept it to herself). Her familiar, Perivale, was lovely but proved to be harder to train than she thought. The game had significantly improved, it was just a shame I hadn’t started playing it until I was halfway through. I’d like to give it another go with a different sort of character and tackle some of the challenges Corinne backed down from.


If you like the idea of following different story threads through a year in a magic academy, give it a try over on Steam!

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Bite-sized Thought – Remnants of Isolation

Remnants of Isolation shows that even just a small tweak in the formula, like assigning spells to equip slots, can make a world of difference.


Quick Summary

Celesta and Melchior, two characters born with the curse of magic, help each other escape from prison in this turn-based RPG. Along the way they defend themselves using spell combinations, a mechanic which forces you to get the most out of each action in battle. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bite-sized Thought – WitchWay

WitchWay takes one mechanic and pushes it as far as it will go, leading to a short and satisfying game experience.



Quick Summary

You’re a little witch who fell into a well, found a wand and is trying to make her way back out. Your wand moves blocks. And rotates blocks. So many blocks! Read the rest of this entry »

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Bite-sized Thought – Nadia was Here

Nadia was Here takes a combat set-up similar to other RPGs, but adds active elements to create frenzied fun.


Quick Summary

Nadia is an RPG (of the jRPG persuasion). You control three characters, each with a class of sorts, lined up in rows and charging their moves via an ATB-like bar. However, by adding a real-time lane switching element, and only letting you target the enemy in front of you, you end up with a game that’s fun to play in the second-to-second. Read the rest of this entry »

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About Bite-sized Thoughts


Serving Suggestion

I’m starting a new set of posts called Bite-Sized Thoughts where I talk about something I enjoyed about a lesser known game I’ve been playing. The conversation that led to the idea went something like this:

Dust: …That sounds interesting. Where did you hear about that game?

Flo: I just looked through every Steam release and saw a demo for it, which I enjoyed, so I bought it when it came out.

Dust: …You did? That’s your blog idea right there. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dialogue on Steam, the IFComp and other Updates



I’ve been spending my time working on different games, including sprucing up Dialogue: A Writer’s Story, which is now on Steam! If you haven’t played it since it came out, we’ve changed a couple of things which will make playing more interesting. Read the rest of this entry »

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