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NaNoWriMo 2013 – Excerpt 3


Mia Zejrel is already communicating with her partner, David. Quote from their telepathic conversation:

‘Don’t let it get you down, Mia.’

‘I’m not.’

‘Good. It’s not worth listening to them.’

‘I know. But it is true that I spend so much time talking to you…’

‘Come on. You do the work that you have to do. Most of the time, when we talk it’s because you’re doing something mindless, like following a protocol for an experiment you’ve done ten times already, putting together a presentation for your group, or just counting cells.’

‘I suppose.’ Read the rest of this entry »

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NaNoWriMo 2013 – Excerpt 2


Around 8:40, Iljean and two others are driven to the embassy. While the recording equipment is being set up, Iljean walks around the embassy, noting any possible exits. At each, he looks into the future, by what appears to be approximately twenty seconds. Ten minutes later he returns to his colleagues, who are just finishing their audio visual checks. He retrieves a small, folding chair and a paper cup of coffee, sits down, closes his eyes, and starts looking into the future. Read the rest of this entry »


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NaNoWriMo 2013 – Excerpt


Having spilled tea all over the carpet, Jacob apologized profusely while Irisia used the nearby napkins to soak up excess tea. Alister, after assuring his friend that he didn’t mind, prepared himself for the jump. Jacob, however, noticed what he was about to do. This shows that he has either jumped in front of him before, or heard of Alister’s mental preparation. While I cannot tell what Alitser is feeling, the look on Jacob’s face as he realized what was about to happen was very telling. While Jacob might not mind the jumps in theory, he might be having issues with the idea that what he just did might be changed, and he would not know once it had happened. Quote from after the jump:

[Ray] ‘Be careful with that cup, Jacob.’

[Jacob] ‘Oh, thanks.’

A few seconds of silence.

[Irisia] ‘Did you jump to stop him from knocking over the cup?’ Read the rest of this entry »


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Tales of Moran Preview


Here is a short preview, for those of you waiting for A Sincere Attempt at Writing Tales of Moran to be published. Hope you enjoy it!


Why not write about Moran? Really, the question should have been, why haven’t I written about it before now? What some consider the most prestigious place to live in the whole of our little world just happens to be the place where I have spent the past forty-two and a half years (forty-two and a third, if you discount visits to estranged family members). People tell tales of the times when they stepped foot on its beautifully paved streets, meandering about the town center, their eyes caught by beautiful sculptures and delicate silver jewellery. They praise even the small street vendors selling warm, spiced wine in the winters and refreshing juices in the summer.

Indeed, why not write about Moran? Simple – I hate it. Read the rest of this entry »


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