Dish Life: The Game (and more)

09 Mar

Hi everyone! I’ve got two quick updates – hope you’re in the mood to play some games!

First, Dish Life: The Game is out now on Steam (paid), iOS and Android (free). You play through your career as a stem cell scientist, from undergraduate student to professor, and encounter lots of interesting dilemmas along the way. I wrote the story for Dish Life (putting my research experience to good use!), so I’m excited to see it out there.



I also released a short, free game called Reverie which you can play on Itch. It was made for the SubQ jam and had quite a restriction: you could only use 1000 words or less! Reverie is a short, replayable game about relationships and their evolution over time. It’s not an easy topic to cover in a thousand words, so there was a lot of careful editing involved!


(Reverie was actually released a while ago, but I didn’t post about it at the time!)

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