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09 May

Wunderdoktor’s patients are fun to treat, their ever-changing issues growing into in an ever-changing game.


Quick​ ​Summary

As a travelling doctor, you treat a stream of patients, each with a combination of various diseases. Use your mouse to pull out gem splinters, swat mosquitoes and suture wounds to cure your patients before they run out of health! (But don’t worry, you can just try again if you’re having trouble).

What’s Interesting About Wunderdoktor?

How to describe it? Wunderdoktor is a bit like A Mortician’s Tale, but with living beings. …No, now that I’m a bit further in the game, I’d say it’s more like a string of Warioware minigames. …Actually, it also reminds me of Papers, Please, as a rush of patients require your attention but there are some overarching issues to act on as well. In Wunderdoktor you’re an independent doctor who tries to help people (unlike those ill-meaning Quacks!), a story reminiscent of the games above but with a lighter tone. Comparing games to each other isn’t always the most productive endeavour, but the same way each patient’s challenge is similar but different to everyone else’s, Wunderdoktor evolves over the course of its lifespan. It’s a short game that changes without having to give you lots of additional mechanics, instead mixing what you already have in interesting ways or giving them different context, something I always find quite elegant.


Clear all these afflictions in 20 seconds! Yes, with your hand. Just another day in the Wunderdoktor life…

My Play

I played through Wunderdoktor in one sitting (quick dinner break notwithstanding), and only stopped playing because my mouse-hand was in dire need of a rest. Plenty of patients were challenging, but with the ability to restart, it didn’t feel punishing, so I wanted to keep going until I finished. …Then I went back in to tie up some loose ends because my hand didn’t hurt that much, really. It’s a great game to pick up when you’re feeling a bit bored with life and want a dose of weird medicine to spice up your evening. Just make sure you don’t let those mosquitoes roam free for too long!

You, too, can become a Wunderdoktor on Steam and Itch!

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