Bite-sized Thought – The Sea Will Claim Everything

28 Mar

It’s easy to lose yourself in a game where every flower and mushroom has its own description, as long as you have a strong sense of place.


Quick​ ​Summary

The Sea Will Claim Everything (I’ll use TSWCE) is a point-and-click adventure game. You interact with the people from the Fortunate Isles through a mechanical device which serves as the game’s interface. You’re helping them overthrow the tyranny of a selfish Lord, mostly by making helpful potions and collecting tokens.


What’s Interesting About TSWCE?

Many games show great attention to detail, it’s just not always the same kinds of detail. TSWCE has descriptions for lots of things you can click on and most of them are funny, as one might expect from this kind of adventure game, but somehow they felt qualitatively different. Was it because there’s a lot of areas, with each image interesting in its own right? The humour also resonated with me, and characters were just a bit more interesting than I expected. I felt so close to the Fortunate Isles (especially the Underhome) that the game felt like I was reliving a bygone dream, so familiar and nostalgic and yet completely nonsensically great.


But isn’t it just bou-gan-vil… no, never mind.

My Play

I usually need at least half a year between playing adventure games, because I find them draining (so many options, so many items, so many things I forgot to click on!), so the fact that I wanted another game like this right away was quite telling. Besides, as a mycologist I enjoyed the variety of mushrooms: the pair huddled together for warmth, the one trying to scare its neighbour, the two that house biting fairies, the one with strong views on profit-based economies… Well, I suppose some of the flowers were okay too. Plus the octopus was nice, and I was awed by the dragon, although if I had to be friends with anyone it would be Niamh. You know what, they’re all great, every living and non-living thing in this game.


If you feel like visiting the Fortunate Isles, you can find The Sea Will Claim Everything on Itch and Steam.


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