Bite-sized Thought – WitchWay

13 Dec

WitchWay takes one mechanic and pushes it as far as it will go, leading to a short and satisfying game experience.



Quick Summary

You’re a little witch who fell into a well, found a wand and is trying to make her way back out. Your wand moves blocks. And rotates blocks. So many blocks!


What’s Interesting About WitchWay?

It’s a small game about one thing: telekinesis. That’s it. While you can move and jump, really you’re spending your time enchanting blocks and getting them to move in the right direction (or diverting lasers away from your witchy self). The game presents variations of ‘move blocks’ to keep you entertained – move this block to jump on it and reach another room. Move this block over this other block and back around so you can reach that key. Arrange these blocks so a laser triggers a mechanism that opens a door. Enough puzzles to test out interactions and learn a new trick each time, all the way to the end.


Lasers and blocks and spider webs, all key to fun witching times.


My Play

Puzzle platformers and I don’t often see eye to eye. I don’t play puzzle games or platformers just for the fun of them – the challenges and ah-ha moments need a more interesting context for me to get invested enough to play. So why do I enjoy a text-less game about jumping around and moving blocks to solve puzzles?

You’re a witch in a non-violent game where you rescue yourself and save bunnies along the way. I also didn’t really get stuck (although I played with someone else, which made it less likely we’d blank on any given puzzle). The game was long enough to feel like an ‘event’, more than a blip in the radar, but still short enough not to drag on, even if you thoroughly explore the area.


It really makes me want to resist temptation the next time I think ‘Why not five schools of magic, each with this much depth?’ If this sounds like fun, you should give it a go over on Itch!

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