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06 Dec

Nadia was Here takes a combat set-up similar to other RPGs, but adds active elements to create frenzied fun.


Quick Summary

Nadia is an RPG (of the jRPG persuasion). You control three characters, each with a class of sorts, lined up in rows and charging their moves via an ATB-like bar. However, by adding a real-time lane switching element, and only letting you target the enemy in front of you, you end up with a game that’s fun to play in the second-to-second.


Your characters in battle. The squares fill upwards with colour and execute the skill when full. Unsurprisingly, the heart is your health.


What’s Interesting About Nadia was Here?

As with some of the best RPGs, there’s enough substance to the combat to let you fully explore it by the end of the game, in this case about 20 hours. The combination of menu-based active battles and the fact that the characters have a good number of options is what makes this game sing. Nadia steals weapons from enemies, each of which gives her a different move to use herself. Tereshan learns blue magic from enemies – a trickier affair than stealing, as you goad them into using the right move at the right time – which helps the team offensively and defensively. Hogan uses different shields as he protects the party, most of which change his own parameters so he can better take the hits.


My Play

So how do battles go? Something like: “Okay, I have to move Hogan over here to take this hit – wait that worm’s attack charges faster than this plant! Okay, it’s okay, he blocked the worm and is back in front of the plant. What about Nadia? First let’s switch to a move that poisons, then let’s set her in front of the enemy with most HP. Alright, now as long as I switch Hogan to take hits for the other two and back again, they should be safe where they are, but I’m taking a decent amount of damage, so Tereshan should heal most of the time, and sneak in a group spell when – wait, no, my dodge keeps failing to activate, Nadia will have to take that hit! Aaah let’s switch her to a drain weapon and hope she lives!”

Nadia was Here is available on Steam – have a go and leave them a review!

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