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06 Dec

Serving Suggestion

I’m starting a new set of posts called Bite-Sized Thoughts where I talk about something I enjoyed about a lesser known game I’ve been playing. The conversation that led to the idea went something like this:

Des: …That sounds interesting. Where did you hear about that game?

Flo: I just looked through every Steam release and saw a demo for it, which I enjoyed, so I bought it when it came out.

Des: …You did? That’s your blog idea right there.

The game we were talking about was Nadia was Here, and it’ll be the first game in the series. The Thoughts will have three sections: a summary (for people who haven’t played it), the thought itself (one aspect of the game that was good or that I learned from), and my play experience (a fun story or example that illustrates the Thought in action).

Bite-Sized Thoughts aren’t really reviews, more of a way for me to talk about the interesting things small and indie games are doing. I will try to be light on the spoilers (story or mechanical) when I can – I still want people to try these games if they sound interesting. You may also notice over the course of my Bite-Sized Thoughts that I choose a lot of bite-sized games. Hopefully if you’re more of a long-form fan, you can still enjoy reading about these games, and there will be some longer games in there as well.

You can look through all of the Bite-Sized Thoughts using the category on the right (or clicking here), but if you’re curious about a specific game, here’s a list of all the ones I’ve written so far:

Nadia Was HereWitchWayRemnants of IsolationAcademagia, Hylics, Quantum Conscience, Wheels of Aurelia, Pizza Express, Along the Edge, The Sea Will Claim Everything, A Mortician’s Tale, What Isn’t Saved (Will Be Lost), Wunderdoktor, Lieve Oma, Rainbow Bridge.

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