Justice Cape Man

04 Apr


                Na na na, soaring through the night,

                Na na na, ready for a fight…

                Justice Cape Man!

‘Not this again,’ Robert said as he blindly reached for his phone.

‘Whatsat?’ Elena mumbled as she turned over to face him.

                Na na na, he punishes bad guys,

‘It’s three in the morning. Three. In the morning. And that stupid theme song is playing again.’ Robert shoved his phone in his pyjama trouser pocket and tried to find his shoes in the dark.

                Na na na, as he watches the skies…

‘That Justice guy? Wait, are you getting up? I don’t think it’s the Cromleys.’

‘Well, we’re about to find out.’

                Justice Cape Man!


‘No, I’ve woken up to that stupid show every single night this week, and I’m exhausted—

                Na na na na, na na na na na,

I even looked it up, and it’s not a real show! Not one I can find, anyway. And why is it on at different times every day?’

                Na na na na, na na na na na,

‘I don’t know, maybe they downloaded it? Look, Rob, you can go tell them off if you’d like, but do it tomorrow morning—

                Na na na na, Justice,

What if you end up waking up the Cromleys and it’s not them? Tell you what, I’ll make you some warm milk with honey,’ Elena said as she pulled her robe on, ‘and then we can go back to bed.’

Robert shrugged and sat on the bed.

                Na na na na, Cape Man.

As she waited for the microwave, Elena walked over to the living room and brushed some dust from a stuffed tiger perching on top of their bookshelf. She also inconspicuously checked the speakers on its back – the song was getting quieter every night, she would need to get the tiger fixed if she wanted the prank to last for the whole month of April.

Word count: 319

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