You Wake up in a Room

03 Feb


The lady:              You wake up in a room—

George:               —Wait, who am I? What do I look like?

The lady:              You’re yourself. You look like you always do.

George:               So am I wearing the same clothes I was before I became unconscious? Or am I just not                                    wearing anything at all? 😉

The Lady:             You don’t remember anything other than waking up in this room. And you’re fully clothed.                                Anyway, if you look around, you can see a small desk, a chair, a bookshelf and the bed you                            are resting on. On the opposite side of the room is a locked wooden door.

George:               That’s it?

The Lady:            That’s all you can see from here. You’ll have to have a closer look if you want more details.

George:               Fine, I’ll have a closer look at the desk.

The Lady:             You walk over to the desk. You see a small key, a notebook and a pen. There is also a                                    locked drawer.

George:               Can I open the drawer with the key?

The Lady:             No, the key is too small to fit.

George:               Is there anything exciting in the notebook?

The Lady:            Not really. It’s a spiral A6 notebook with blue covers, and there’s only one thing written in it:                             45936.

George:               Fine. I’m going to take apart the notebook, and use the metal spiral to pick the lock on the                               drawer.

The Lady:             Um…

George:               You said we could go for as long as I liked, right? So I eventually pick the lock.

The Lady:             I can’t really—

George:               —Let’s just say I do. So, what’s inside?

The Lady:             There’s a page that looks like it’s been ripped out of a book. The number at the bottom                                    corner has been crossed out on both sides.

George:               Right, then I try fitting the page to every book in that bookshelf.

The Lady:             There are at least a hundred books.

George:               That’s fine. I’ve got time. So, what do I find?

The Lady:             Well, you don’t find any signs of a page having been ripped off in any of the books.

George:               Sure, but if I read the books, can I find out where it came from?

The Lady:            I think you will starve before you find that out.

George:               You know what, now that you mention it, this is a terrible idea. Can I check the locked door                              that leads out of this room, and hopefully somewhere a lot more interesting?

The Lady:             Sure. It’s made of reinforced metal and has a card reader and number pad next to it.

George:                I thought it was a wooden door.

The Lady:             Not anymore.

George:               …Then I’ll just go through all the books.

The Lady:             In any particular order? With any sort of logic?

George:               No.

Wait, start two-thirds from the bottom.

The Lady:             Ok. One day passes. Do you keep going?

George:               Sure.

The Lady:             Two days.

Three days.

Four days.

George:               How much have I read?

The Lady:             Well, judging by the time it takes you to read my messages, you’ve gone through ten books,                            at best.

George:                But I would be skim reading.

The Lady:             We should still take into account your attention span, but I’ll give you twelve.

George:               You know what, let’s stop. I shouldn’t have agreed in the first place. Next time, specify what                              kind of “roleplaying” you’re asking me to do, ok?

George has left the chat room!

Julius has entered the chat room!

The Lady:             Hey, Julius, are you up for a bit of roleplaying? Just tell me if you’re game and we can keep                              at it for as long as you want 😉

Word Count: 608

Let me know if you have any problems with the formatting, word indentations don’t seem to translate well into wordpress.


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3 responses to “You Wake up in a Room

  1. jennifermzeiger

    February 12, 2014 at 1:54 am

    Ha…this reminds me of a King and a story teller who tells a story about an ant stealing rice…the story could go on forever=)

    • fminuzzi

      February 17, 2014 at 9:51 am

      I don’t know that one… Hopefully it’s a good thing that this reminds you of it? =)

      • jennifermzeiger

        February 17, 2014 at 9:20 pm

        it’s a good thing=) Makes for a good campfire story.


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