NaNoWriMo 2013 – Excerpt 2

15 Nov


Around 8:40, Iljean and two others are driven to the embassy. While the recording equipment is being set up, Iljean walks around the embassy, noting any possible exits. At each, he looks into the future, by what appears to be approximately twenty seconds. Ten minutes later he returns to his colleagues, who are just finishing their audio visual checks. He retrieves a small, folding chair and a paper cup of coffee, sits down, closes his eyes, and starts looking into the future.

Iljean is able to look at what will happen twenty seconds into the future, but apparently it does not have to be the future that he may experience. His previous inspection of the exits appears to have allowed him to see the future as if he were standing in front of each exit. Once more, this is not unheard of, but it is definitely not something he was able to do in the past. Whether he has learned how to manipulate his point of view, or whether he has changed over the past few years, I could not say. His ability still appears to be very limiting in terms of how far in the future he can see.

Iljean gets told what the time is every thirty minutes, his cup refilled every hour. After the two hour mark, he begins to grow more tense; his visions switch points of view faster than before and he begins to check the windows as well as the doors. Every few minutes he takes a few seconds to regain his breath, but only reluctantly, knowing he could be missing a crucial moment, but that if he can’t continue, they are guaranteed to have no advance warning.

Close to the three hour mark, Iljean thinks he sees a door handle move, and he directs his colleagues to the northern exit. There is a lot of movement around the embassy, so it is probably not obvious that the Southern Online reporters are making their way through the crowd, although Iljean is still watching the exits so I cannot see. Five seconds later, he speaks onto what I suspect is his phone, translated quote:

’Nineteen seconds from now, the door will open. Two armed police officers with large shields will exit first, then… Two seconds later, Reyner will leave the building. They are trying to block the cameras, but you might be able to get an angle if you stand close to the wall, since Reyner is talking to someone behind him.’

‘Thanks, keep us posted.’

This is a fragment from about 6,500 words in. As I thought might be the case, I’m not yet at 20K words but I’m nearing the end of the story. I’ll be happy if it feels finished, even if this is also novella-length, although it does mean that I’ll want to find something else to write for the rest of the month.

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