05 Jul

Prompt: Write a poem personifying an emotion.


Comfort stretches a blanket over us both,

And, for a second, I smell the warmth of my youth

As we get cozy on the threadbare couch

And put on yet another rerun.

We relax, take off our shoes.

She laughs at a joke for the tenth time,

Loud enough to hear, but not to stick in my mind

As soft lines frame her caramel eyes

And my soul longs for the warm soup I prefer,

The ice cream I adore,

The snack that’s not on sale anymore.

Comfort sees the wishes written in my eyes.

‘No, don’t get up,’ she says as she stretches

Walking slowly to the kitchen,

Room full of warm drinks and chocolate,

Green and blue like my back yard in the spring,

Or clad in oranges, browns and reds

The days I yearn for the familiarity of Fall.


This was my first poem since… I can’t even remember when. I still don’t know how I feel about poetry, but I was happy to try my hand at it and get more of an explanation of what a poem is than ‘make it rhyme in the ABBA ACCA pattern’ that I remember from school.

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