Hello, you made it! I hope it wasn’t too cold out there.

You can leave your shoes and coat here, while I go put the kettle on. Do you want milk or sugar? …Okay, I’ll be back in a second.

The living room is this way. Feel free to sit wherever you want, and browse at your heart’s content. I published A Sincere Attempt at Writing Tales of Moran, a novella available on amazon US and UK (feel free to browse the first few pages and see if you like it), as well as Dialogue: A Writer’s Story, a video game about science, writing and conversations. I have some short stories and flash fiction for you to read with your tea, and if you like video games, help yourself to a bite-sized thought about a lesser-known game (look through the categories on the right).

If you want to know more about my writing experience, feel free to browse my portfolio.



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